AENY_poster_11x17Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie

A group of artists living in New York look at the city through the eyes of Federico García Lorca, Spain’s most celebrated poet. Like Lorca in 1929, they too struggle with small bedrooms, social pressures and a devastating economic crisis, attempting to escape solitude through art. Inspired by Lorca’s “Poet in New York”, AENY’s inaugural production brings together Spanish and American artists to create a unique collage of poetry, personal stories, music and dance. A tender exploration of the particular brand of loneliness that New York can evoke, and a dazzling celebration of art and community.

December 2011



The Heiber family lives in a world that’s rapidly crumbling, plagued by flawed and outdated social and political models.   Meanwhile a group of aristocrats, led by Helmut Ronen, are creating the perfect city as the answer to all of society’s problems: RONENSBOURGH.

Ronensbourgh, also known as “How is it possible that we have ended up in Ronensbourgh?” is a very contemporary and highly experimental piece, written in a Heiner Müller’s style (no stage directions. No formatting. SOME CAPITAL LETTERS THAT SEEM RANDOM BUT THEY’RE NOT). The play posses relevant questions about identity, society and home; about the conception of those ideas, and the dislodging of the very things our society hold as important.



Dias Estupendos-CARTELDías Estupendos

AENY – Spanish Artists in New York and IATI Theater, with the support of Spain Culture New York – Consulate General of Spain, present the American premiere of “Días Estupendos” (Wonderful Days) by Alfredo Sanzol.  Días Estupendos is an award-wining play constructed as a series of sketches, evoking memories from the summertime and examining the fantasies that are projected when we stray from the routine of daily life.

January 2014




SRSStaged Reading Series

AENY – Spanish Artists in New York with the support of Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain, present: Give Me a Damn Stage! : Encounters with the Spanish new theater wave, a series of monthly staged readings, will introduce New Yorkers to some of the emerging playwrights from Spain and their most successful plays. Each reading will be presented by professional actors and directors from AENY – Spanish Artists in New York.

October 2012 / January 2013




Child in the MegaphonePLAY LOUD! Music Festival

PLAY LOUD! is created with the idea of merging the energy and vibe of the city of New York with the talent of musicians form Spain in collaboration with artists from other cultures and nationalities.

In a city where the music scene is as eclectic and vibrant as in New York, PLAY LOUD! aims to program diverse and innovative ensembles and performers exploring the intersections between music and story in their own particular way.