staged reading series 2015

June 1st. & 2nd. – 2015 @5pm / Click Here to See Details & Performance Schedule

Juan MayorgaEl Arte de la Entrevista (The Art of the Interview)

by Juan Mayorga
Juan Mayorga is one of the most important Spanish playwrights of his generation. He has won multiple national awards, among them Spain’s National Theatre Prize (2007) and the Spain’s National Dramatic Literature (2013). His work has been translated into many languages and performed widely throughout the world. Mayorga has also adapted classical dramas for the National Theater (CDN). He is a founding member of El Astillero theatre company and teaches at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Madrid. Mayorga graduated in Mathematics and Philosophy, completed his studies in Münster, Berlin and Paris and received his PhD in Philosophy with a thesis on the philosophical thought of Walter Benjamin, whose philosophy has had a huge influence on his theatre. The Art of The Interview has been honored with a EURODRAM 2014 playwriting award.


Un Trozo Invisible de Este Mundo (An invisible Piece of this World)

by Juan Diego Botto

Juan Diego Botto, one of Spain’s most renowned film actors, has always combined his movie career with his theatrical passion. Botto has performed in more than 10 plays and has written for the stage four full length pieces.  In 2013 he wrote and performed the play “Un trozo invisible de este mundo” (An invisible piece of this world) for which he received four Max awards, including best play, best actor, and best theatre text. In film, his career has combined box office hits with movies that were acclaimed by the critics, at home and in several international festivals, working with acclaimed directors such as Ridley Scott, John Malkovich or Peter O´Toole.



by Blanca Doménech

BA in Theatre studies and Dramaturgy at the Real Superior School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. Her work includes Echo, Climbing Boots, The Globetramp (Calderón de la Barca Prize 2009), The Zone, City Foxes, The Muse (AAT Prize 2013), The Evil of the Stone, Dead Point, Procedure, Platform 0 and The Third Person. Her last play, Boomerang, was selected by the National Dramatic Centre in its program “Writings in scene”, and represented at the María Guerrero Theatre under Ernesto Caballero’s direction. At international level her participation in the Theatre Uncut 2012 project, with her short play Dead Point.


Haz Click Aqui (Click Here)

by Jose Padilla

José Padilla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama Studies by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RESAD). Amongst his original plays stands out Los cuatro de Düsseldorf, wich debuted in 2014, directed by himself; and Sagrado Corazón 45. At the end of 2011 he writes a version of Henry VIII by William Shakespeare, directed by Ernesto Arias that premiered at the Globe Theatre in London. He is currently working as a director preparing the return of his play Haz clic aquí at the National Theatre in Spain; this play will be staged also at Moscow Art Theatre. He is writing what will be his next work as director: a free version of Crimson Island by Mikhail Bulgakov whose premiere is scheduled for 2015.



by Alberto Conejero

Alberto Conejero graduated in Directing and Playwriting by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Madrid and has a PhD in Theater by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He also teaches playwriting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Castilla y Leon. His work has been published and performed nationally and internationally. Most important titles include: La Piedra Oscura, to open at the Nationa Theater (CDN) in 2015, Cliff (LAM award 2010), Ushuaia (Ricardo Lopez Aranda Award 2013 and Eurodram 2014), Hungaros (National University Theater Award 2000) and Sweet Home, based on Agamemnon. Conejero has also adapted for the stage an array of classical pieces for the most renowned international festivals in Spain such as Merida, Almagro or Olite to name a few. The play Ushuaia has been honored with a EURODRAM 2014 playwriting award.


Paco_2 copyVentaquemada

by Paco Bezerra
Paco Bezerra (Almeria, 1978) is a young and recognized Spanish playwright, awarded the Premio Nacional de Literatura Dramática Prize in 2009. He studied at Theater Lab William Layton, and at the Royal ACademy of Dramatic Art in Madrid. His plays have been produced in more than eleven countries and have been translated into English, Hungary, Greek, Arabic, French, Italian and German. Among his plays, the most important ones are Ahora Empiezan las Vacaciones, La Escuela de la Desobediencia, Grooming, Ventaquemada and Dentro de la Tierra. The play Ventaquemada has been honored with a EURODRAM 2014 playwriting award.


Collaborating Organizations

Staged Reading Series 2015 is made posible thanks to the support and contribution of Acción Cultural Española, and the collaboration of the following organizations: Eurodram, NITEcorp


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