staged reading series 2019

Reykjavik – Nov 25th / 7pm

by Juan Mayorga

In Reikiavik, the audience is invited to imagine a European city, which happens to be the place where Boris Spasski lost his chess glory to Bobby Fischer. And thus, we’re presented with the first symbolic level of this story – Mayorga’s invitation to think about the history of  the Cold War through the metaphor of the game of chess.   

Juan Mayorga / Born in Madrid in 1965, he studied Philosophy and Mathematics, although his true vocation was the theatre. His early works were produced with the group ‘El Astillero’, a writing collective open to different trends. He soon evolved his own dramatic approach, which highlighted his preference for the world of ideas. His most celebrated works include ‘Siete hombres Buenos’, ‘Más cenizas’ (a work which won second prize at the prestigious Calderón de la Barca awards in 1992), ‘El sueño de Ginebra’, ‘The Scorched Garden’ and ‘Love Letters to Stalin’ (a reflection on art and power which was premièred at the National Drama Centre in 1999). Between 2000 and 2009 he wrote versions of classical Spanish and international works for the stage. He wrote a doctoral thesis on Walter Benjamin, whose philosophy had a significant influence on his writing for the theatre.

The Little Pony – Dec 2nd / 7pm

by Paco Bezerra

Paco Bezzera’s thought-provoking and challenging play raises complex and important questions about personal identity and social norms, and the tragic consequences of hideous bullying. The Little Pony is based on real events that took place in North Carolina, in the United States in 2014.

Paco Bezerra / Born in El Alquián (Almería) in 1978, he graduated in theatre art and sciences at the Royal Upper School for Dramatic Arts and holds a diploma in technique and interpretation from the William Layton Theatre Laboratory. He has published several theatre works and won several awards including the Barahona de Soto, the Miguel Romero Esteo award for short theatre (2004) and the Calderón de la Barca Theatre Award for New Writers for the work Dentro de la Tierra in 2007. As an actor he has starred in the short film Ricardo piezas descatalogadas directed by the Rico Brothers. In addition, he has performed in La pesadilla by Rafael G. Gosálbez, A Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams and A Night Out.

Tenderness – Dec 9th / 7pm

by Alfredo Sanzol

Tenderness is a romantic comedy full of references to the shakespearean drama: desert islands, monumental shipwrecks, fragile kings and dreamy queens, fearful lumberjacks and tempestuous shepherdesses, magical creatures… and one desire to bind them all: that of finding Tenderness, by whatever means possible, wherever it may be and whomever it may be with.  

Alfredo Sanzol / Born in Madrid in 1972 and graduated in Law from the University of Navarre, and in Stage Direction from the Royal School for Performing Arts. He has given courses and workshops at La Casa de América, La Casa Encendida, the National Theatre of Bogota, the Matadero de Madrid, La Sala Beckett, La Térmica, the Navarre Theatre School, the Spanish Society of Authors, the Olite Classical Theatre Festival, and the National Drama Centre. His works have been performed at the National Drama Centre, the Teatro de la Abadía, the Cuarta Pared, the Festival Grec, the Gayarre Theatre and the Lilure Theatre. He has won the Premio Max for Stage Arts on three occasions and the Spanish National Literature Award for Dramatic Literature, in 2017.