PLAY LOUD! 2014 slated to launch in November

AENY’s second edition of PLAY LOUD! returns to Instituto Cervantes NY for a four-day music festival that will open its doors the first week of November.

If you didn’t make it to the past PLAY LOUD! Music Festival in 2013, it was AENY’s festival debut (check out info here). In a city where the music scene is as eclectic and vibrant as in New York, PLAY LOUD! aims to program diverse and innovative ensembles and performers exploring the intersections between music and story in their own particular way.

Read on to find out what you can expect from AENY’s premiere music festival in 2014.

Directed by Guillermo Laporta, the second edition of the festival is a four-day event featuring some of the most innovative ensembles in live music. The event is open to all ages and will include access to the live music performances as well as panels and talk backs. This second edition will take place at the Instituto Cervantes headquarters in New York City from November 4th to November 7th, 2014, featuring a well-balanced mixture of performers, repertories and styles. The upcoming lineup will include: the multidisciplinary chamber music ensemble Cre.Art Project; the the virtuoso ensemble Bohemian Trio; the contemporary ensemble dedicated to innovative musical performance Argento Chamber Ensemble; and the bandoneoist and composer virtuoso JP Jofre.

Click here to check out the full program & ticket information.