Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo



Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo is AENY’s Artistic Director. Off-Broadway directing credits: Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie, at The Duke on 42nd Street, and Signora Rossini, for The Loretto Theater at The Sheen Center. He also directed the American Premiere of Dias Estupendos, Ronensbourgh and An Invisible Piece of this World at IATI Theater. As an actor, Mr. Garcia-Bustelo has worked for the National Theater and other important venues in Spain, and here in the US he appeared at  The Theatre Project, Olney Theater, Theater for the New City, Gala Theater and Spanish Repertory Theater among others. He is proud to have worked with directors such as Mauricio Scaparro, Arin Arbus or Titus Groenestage & Ria Marks (Orkater), and his long list of theater credits include: Titus Andronicus, Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, In Spite of Love, Don Juan Tenorio, The Giver, The Grapes of WrathThe Last Draw, The Broken Jug, Hecuba, The Rimers of Eldrich, Kaspar Hauser, Private View, New Island and many others. Film credits: Pawn Sacrifice, directed by Edward Zwick, The Valdemar Legacy, The Forbidden Shadow TV credits: MIR, Hospital Central. Mr. Garcia-Bustelo is a Fulbright Scholar, and holds a BFA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Madrid, and a MFA from The New School for Drama in NYC.