Rafael Abolafia



Rafael has worked for seven years as the Direction Assistant at Centro Andaluz de Teatro, combining directorial assistance/monitoring in 18 theatre plays with coordination of 14 international encounters, 6 research groups, staged readings, exhibitions, awards, publications; together with Francisco Ortuño, José Carlos Plaza, Rafael Álvarez “El Brujo”, Juan Luis Galiardo, Salvador Távora, José Monleón, among others.

He was a Visiting Scholar at Performance Studies/NYU, with Professors Richard Schechner and Diana Taylor; and an Affiliated Fellow at Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics/NYU.

Rafael has performed as an actor in plays by Shakespeare, Dürrenmatt, Rodrigo García, Lorca, Max Aub, Valle-Inclán. He holds MA-PhD Studies in English Philology (University of Jaén) and was enrolled in the Acting Program at Centro de Estudios Escénicos de Andalucía.