Sebastian Galvez



Born in Madrid, Sebastián Gálvez has lived in NY since 2009. Sebastián worked in banking for several years but never lost his passion for acting. Dedicating himself to pursuing his career as a full-time actor, playwright, singer and director. He founded Puente Aéreo Teatro his own theatre company, in Spain. Currently, he alternates his acting jobs with coaching actors at the Susan Batson Studio, LLC. He had the great fortune to work as an actor for Susan Batson in her Slices of Lives production with the character of Yves Montand. Working with her has give him the chance to meet other great artists such as Juliette Binoche, Nicole Kidman, or Lyv Tyler among others. Sebastian is a cofounder of AENY-El Puente and strongly believes that “Art Knows No Frontiers!”