Victoria Freire



Victoria Freire has a Diploma in Acting, awarded by the Cinema School of Madrid (ECAM). She has trained in the Teatro de Camara in Madrid and with teachers such as Iñaqui Aierra, Fernando Piernas and with directors like Jaime Chavarri and David Planell.  She has worked in various cinematographical projects: “Un Banco en el Parque”, “Dual: Herederos del Pasado”,”Un Año en la Luna” and “Un Mundo Fantástico”.  She has participated in a number of series, among which are Hospital Central, Estudio 1.  Her CV also features Short Films: ‘Speak Easy’ for example and theatrical plays which include the Microteatro por Dinero.  She is currently living in New York, where she is perfecting her profession under the guidance of Susan Batson, at the namesake’s studio.