SRS 2018

Dark Stone

by Alberto Conejero

Mon, Oct 1st @ 6pm

A heartbreaking drama about the beautiful but harrowing story of Rafael Rodríguez Rapún, garcía Lorca’s last lover.

Translated by: Gary J. Racz

Directed by: Paul Takacs

Performed by: Ricardo Birnbaum & Pablo Sandstrom


by Gemma Brió

Mon, Nov 5 @6pm

Liberto enters into a new mother’s world as she navigates her child’s illness and emerging existencial questions.

Translated by: Sharon G. Feldman

Directed by: Sherri Eden Barber

Performed by: Maria Peyramaure, Begonya Plaza & Missy Hamblet


El Minuto del Payaso

by J. R Fernández, Fernando Soto & Luis Bermejo

Mon, Dec 10th @6pm

El Minuto del Payaso is an extraordinary monologue that reflects upon art’s ability to mitigate misery.

Translated by: This reading will be performed In Spanish

Directed by: Gama Valle

Performed by: Txemi Parra

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