RONENSBOURGH to be AENY’s next Main Stage Production

The play Ronensbourgh, by Beatriz Cabur, has been selected to be AENY’s next Main Stage production. Ronensbourgh will be presented by AENY – Spanish Artists in New York and IATI Theater in May 2015.

A staged reading of Ronensbourgh took place last June 2014, during AENY’s second edition of the Staged Reading Series, and the play has consequently been selected to be developed as a full staged production.

Ronensbourgh, also known as “How is it possible that we have ended up in Ronensbourgh?” is a very contemporary and highly experimental piece, written in a Heiner Müller’s style (no stage directions. No formatting. SOME CAPITAL LETTERS THAT SEEM RANDOM BUT THEY’RE NOT). The play posses relevant questions about identity, society and home; about the conception of those ideas, and the dislodging of the very things our society hold as important.

Ronensbourgh will point AENY back again towards a more avant-garde form of theater, allowing the company to explore the themes and styles that best align with its mission, and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm.