SRS 2019


by Juan Mayorga

Mon, Nov 25th @ 7pm

A look at the Cold War through the game of chess

Translated by: Nicholas Jackson & Bill Murphy

Directed by: Paul Takacs

Performed by: Ken Kliban, Jack Garrett, Missy Hamblet

The Little Pony

by Paco Bezerra

Mon, Dec 2 @7pm

An Exploration on Bullying, based on true events in a North Carolina school

Translated by: Marion Peter Holt

Directed by: Gama Valle

Performed by: Ricardo Birnbaum, Carmen Gill


by Alfredo Sanzol

Mon, Dec 9th @7pm

A romantic comedy full of Shakespearean drama

Translated by: Simon Breden

Directed by: Tara Elliott

Performed by: Alenka Kraigher, Mariana Newhard, Maria Peyramaure, Michael Kane, Pablo Sandstrom, Rafael Sanchez

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